Perth to Broome Road Trip

Perth to Broome Road trip Things To do 2023-2024

Perth to Broome Road trip Things To do including The Pinnacles Desert and Kalbarri National Park are nature’s wonders in Perth Western Australia

Perth to Broome road trip for a new big adventure Down Under. Now we continue our trip. And this is what you saw before the Margaret River wine region with its beautiful beaches. We drove to the metropolis of Perth. We went looking for the Super cute quokkas. From birth will be driving more and more into the beautiful nature. A rough nature like the landscape over here.


Milky Way at The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia | FlickrWe’re visiting the Pinnacles today, super strange moon landscape like rocks in the desert and we’re making a route called the Desert Drive and we do so in this awesome 4 wheel drive by Western Australia experts. This extraordinary landscape is just a two hour drive away from Perth. We purchased the Park pass for 40 bucks with access to all national parks in Western Australia and you need one per car. And all these strange rock sculptures were created by the sea millions of years ago, so now it’s all land. And when the Dutch explorers first saw this from the boat, they thought it wasn’t abandoned city. The biggest pinnacle is about 3 1/2 meters. The tour through the pinnacles is a must as this landscape is quite unique for the whole world. The pinnacles are in the middle of the desert, but they’re also quite close to the sea.

Ultimate guide to Jurien Bay | RAC WAAnd how often do you get the chance to visit a beautiful turquoise Bay from the desert? Within an hour? Well, that’s Jurian Bay, because we drove an hour and this is the most beautiful blue Bay in the area. And you can usually spot sea lions here. This is the first taste of what’s about to come, because Perth Western Australia has the most beautiful coastline in the world. Time to drive on to more natural wonders. We have so many more miles to cover here on the West Coast of Australia that today we just decided to keep on driving until the nightfall was there and it’s getting dark. So we stopped at Geraldton. It’s kind of an industrial town and we sleep with this view behind us. So very cool and we’re going to look for some food. KFC because it was the only restaurant nearby. The sun is shining and it makes sense because it’s turning summer and we’re moving on to a colored lake and a beautiful spot to spend the night.

On the West Coast of Australia, and I’m actually standing here on the salt because this is a Salt Lake and this color is created by the small organisms that live inside the water like bacteria. Especially from the sky. This is an amazing view. Cotton candy colored Barbie pool is ridiculous. And this is where we sleep. And the ocean. There’s a little stretch of land on which there’s a little Gregory. And we’re in the town, Gregory, on a campsite and there’s not much people here.

4 Things to Do in Kalbarri National Park, Western AustraliaSo it feels like we’re going further into No Man’s Land, further into WA and right in the middle of nature the sun is shining and we’re going to drive a little bit further today to Kalbarri. We drove back along that beautiful hot lagoon and within the hour we arrive at the high cliffs of Kalbarri. 500 kilometres from Perth and it’s called Kalbarri National Park and the first part is on the coast. It reminds me a bit of the Great Ocean Road in the South of Australia and the other part is on the land, so we’re gonna explore Kalbarri National Park next. There are several beautiful views that you can reach by a short but beautiful wall. Through the town of Kalbarri, we drive into the Outback for the very first time. So we moved on to the National Park that’s on the land and the landscape is already incredible.

4 Things to Do in Kalbarri National Park, Western AustraliaWe stopped at Natures Window. There’s a small trail of 400 meters there and back and just look at these few guys on the way. We soon see that Kalbarri can easily compete with the wild Wild West in America where we were earlier this trip. What a wonderful, rugged  Natures window.

Kalbarri National Park records more than 35,000 visitors this summer |  Geraldton GuardianI’m standing on the skywalk. This is one of the bridges, and the other one is over there. And as you can see, you’re just hanging above the ravine with nothing beneath you, and you can look between your feet and between the bars. You’ll see the ground. So the view is amazing though. Be sure to keep your eyes open guys in Kalbarri, because I saw this giant monitor lizard right over there. 15 minutes to see the next highlight. This is Benz where the river makes the shape of AZ and you can look between the cliffs which is picture perfect guy.  The sun is going down and this is the golden hour with the light and it’s time for us to exit the Kalbarri National Park, but not before we see the last spot which is Hogs Head.  A beautiful ending to an incredible area. We’re continuing our trip up the West Coast and in the next episode we visit Monkey Maya and the Baron Peninsula. Click here for more things to do in Perth

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