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Safety Measures Implemented on Space Mountain Ride at Disney World

Safety Measures Implemented on Space Mountain Ride at Disney World

In recent years, Space Mountain, Disney World’s iconic roller coaster ride, has unfortunately been associated with a series of tragic accidents. In response, the organization is now taking significant steps to prevent further mishaps and enhance rider safety.

Space Mountain, renowned for its exhilarating high-speed journey through the dark, featuring sharp turns, abrupt drops, and sudden stops, has long been a favorite attraction at the amusement park.Disneyland's Space Mountain nearly had 4 outdoor coaster tracks and another  name – Orange County Register

Following a devastating incident where a man sustained life-threatening injuries, both Disneyland and Disney World have made the decision to illuminate the ride permanently. This measure is a direct response to the alarming number of riders who have suffered severe injuries, including the loss of limbs, while on the roller coaster. The aim is to heighten riders’ awareness of their proximity to the track.

While this strategy may not provide an absolute guarantee of safety, it is anticipated to considerably reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Man Loses Both Arms in Tragic Space Mountain Accident at Disney WorldDid a Tragic Accident on Space Mountain Keeps Lights on Permanently? Here's  the Truth

On December 28, 2022, a man visiting Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando, Florida experienced a devastating accident while riding the renowned Space Mountain roller coaster. Despite the ride’s top speed being a modest 27 miles per hour, it was enough to result in life-altering injuries due to a failure to adhere to safety guidelines.

Around 12:15 p.m., a man, accompanied by his family, boarded the ride. During one of the ride’s most significant drops, he raised his hands above his head, inadvertently colliding with the tracks overhead, resulting in the loss of both his arms.

Witnesses among the other passengers recall initially hearing the man’s joyful screams. However, a sudden, ominous sound led them to believe something was amiss. Shortly thereafter, the man’s cries of pain confirmed that an accident had indeed occurred.

Prompt action was taken by Space Mountain staff, temporarily halting the rides as paramedics rushed to the scene. The man is currently in stable condition, though the gravity of such an injury cannot be understated.Dirty little secrets Disney doesn't want you to know

Reports suggest that the chances of the man regaining use of his hands are uncertain, with odds estimated at 50/50. His timely arrival at the hospital was crucial, considering the substantial blood loss he endured.

It is worth noting that incidents of this nature are infrequent within the park (Image via Magic Kingdom Park). Disney World has emphasized that such incidents are rare within the park (Image via Magic Kingdom Park).

In response to this tragic event, Disney World has announced its decision to maintain full illumination throughout the entire ride, affording passengers a clear view of their proximity to the tracks. This adjustment contradicts the ride’s original premise, which boasts an experience in complete darkness.

The ride’s welcoming statement reads as follows:

“Welcome, space travelers. Space Mountain is a thrilling, high-speed, turbulent roller-coaster type ride in the dark.”

Given the ride’s space-themed narrative, the permanent illumination may alter the intended magical ambiance Disney World strives to create.

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